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Group Therapy


Group Therapy 

Grief and Growth Therapeutic Group

Thursday's 7pm til 9pm

8 weeks from

3rd October 2024

At The Retreat New Forest, Lyndhurst Road, Christchurch, BH23 7EF

Women's Therapy Group

Tuesday's 7pm til 9pm

8 weeks from

11th February 2025

At The Retreat New Forest, Lyndhurst Road, Christchurch, BH23 7EF

Grief and Growth Therapeutic Group

8 weeks from 3rd October 2024   

Thursday's 7-9pm

At The Retreat New Forest, Lyndhurst Road, Christchurch, BH23 7EF.

More details to come shortly and if you're interested in registering your interest in the meantime, please contact me here.

Women's Therapy Group

8 weeks from 11th February 2025

Tuesday's 7-9pm


  • Want to make time for yourself to pause, reflect and connect with others?

  • Want to find balance in your life?

  • Want to consider how you integrate the masculine and feminine parts of yourself?

  • Want to think of how you value and use your feminine power as a woman?

  • Want to consider what blocks and difficulties hold you back?

You are invited to join me with up to 8 women in a supportive, confidential, safe, and nurturing environment, to explore what's important to you in your life.

Through collaboration and connection, we will co-create what's significant for us, with a view to building a richer future for ourselves, humanity and the natural world. 

I am passionate about helping you to find your Inner Wild. Being in touch with this helps us to return to our more natural states so we can live more freely as we want to and to connect more to the healing powers of our natural world.


As an experienced Gestalt Psychotherapist and Wild Therapist, I will provide the therapeutic holding space for us to cover any topics and emotions that are raised as well as supporting reflection on how we relate together as a group of women and what we can learn from this to help with navigating life.

From this group, you will gain:

  • A supportive community of women and feel less alone

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Improved communication skills to create healthier relationships

  • Inspiration and guidance from other wise women - and yes you are already one of them!

  • Understanding of your embodied process which can help you make better choices for yourself

  • More inner peace

  • A stronger voice to help you step into who you are.

In the spacious and comfortable South Studio at The Retreat New Forest, I am excited to bring together this community of women. As an experiential group, we will uncover and create together what’s important for us whether that's personal, societal or women's issues. We will do this through a variety of creative ways including use of the outdoors, art, cards, objects, body process and movement. 

I have had my own valuable and growthful experiences of being in therapeutic groups. I know the fear of judgement, speaking up, making a fool of myself and imagining I am the only one that feels this way. I also know the huge benefit of finding my voice, having the courage to be vulnerable and the significance of the support and compassion from the group. I read recently that it only takes 30 seconds of embarrassment to take a risk and how true. 

Please bring any refreshments that you may want.

On Tuesday's 7pm til 9pm.

At The Retreat New Forest, Lyndhurst Road, Christchurch, BH23 7EF.

Starting Tuesday's from 11th February 2025 for 8 weeks until 1st April.

Your investment is £50 per 2 hour session with a deposit of £50 and each session paid a week in advance. If you wish to pay in full, this reduces to £45 per session, at a total of £360 paid up front.  

If you wish to include yourself, please message me below to arrange an up to 30 minute Zoom call for us to meet and talk about what you want from this, and your suitability.


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Find your inner wild

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